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About Us

Label Village was founded on the premise that we love to help others be empowered to do their life their way.

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Our History


Label Village started like many of small businesses. Founder Mitch Holliday was working in the print industry for various companies when he began looking to start his own business. Borrowing his initial investment from his father, he soon bought his own printing press and began providing labeling and other services to customers as Holliday Printing, Inc.

As the business grew, he saw a need to provide his customers with a way to purchase labels in smaller quantities, while still maintaining the high quality of larger presses. Then as technology improved and the costs of quality equipment began to lower, he began to provide a way for entrepreneurs and business owners to print quality, short run labels themselves - without the need to make a larger order with a printing press. Focusing on the label market, he launched a new website called LaserInkjetLabels.com.

In 2017, the company decided to take the next step in growing the business and provided the best service to their customers and Label Village was born. Label Village is founded on the premise of connecting the entreprenuer community and walking with them every step of the way as they develop and launch their products in the marketplace. We provide a one-stop-shop for all things labeling - from product labeling to shipping labels; from industrial labeling to inventory management.

Why Choose Label Village?


ONLINE COMMUNITY Label Village is more than a business. It’s an online community. Here, business owners and entreprenuers can find inspiration from others in our blogs, learn from each others’ experiences via our forums, and reach out to us via customer support to learn more about how labels are used and what products will work best for their specific application.

ONE STOP SHOP We are a one stop shop for everything a business would need regarding taking their product(s) to market. We provide templates, links to free software, design resources, blank label stock, and even the equipment you might need to print your labels and ship your products to customers.

MORE THAN BLANK LABELS While our main business is in providing blank laebels to small businesses, warehouses, and factories, we provide additional printing services for customers that require it. Some customers want to have a stock label that includes their branding where they can simply print out their product information or a bar code for individual application in real time. Others want to order the more common pre-printed labels that don’t need to be customized at all - Things like Warning Labels, Tamper Evident Labels, Lift Here, Fragile, etc. Some villagers simply want professional quality, custom printing in smaller quantities than they could get from a larger press.

CUSTOM ORDERS Several of our customers order labels cut into specific shapes that make their products stand out. Others want labels made from special materials that can withstand certain conditions or function in specific ways. If you need a 20 sided star or a waterproof glitter covered label, we’ve got your covered from beginning to end.

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